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Our Certificates

GDP Certificate

A Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certificate is an official document issued to companies involved in the distribution and storage of pharmaceutical products and medicinal goods. It serves as evidence that the company complies with the established quality standards and guidelines for the proper handling, storage, and transportation of these products.

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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is a standard for establishing Quality Management Systems (QMS) within an organization. Specifically for a transport company, ISO 9001 ensures that the quality of its products and services meets international standards and is less prone to accidents and damages.


The Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) is the official TAPA Standard for secure trucking services. It serves as a common global standard that can be used in business and security agreements between buyers, logistics service providers (LSPs), and other applicants seeking certification


A Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification for a transport company specializing in pharmaceutical transport involves implementing a systematic approach to ensure the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products during transportation.

Carrier's Liability Insurance

Carrier's liability insurance policy

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Permit to pursue the occupation of road transport operator

Permit to pursue the occupation of road transport operator

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Polish Company Register

National Court Register

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